Friday, June 16, 2006

"Nicole" Speaks To GMA-7

"Trial a torture," says 22-year old Filipina

For the first time since the Subic rape trial started, the 22-year old victim codenamed "Nicole" spoke to GMA-7, and confided to this reporter that the trial was "a torture."

On "Nicole's" request, only this reporter was allowed inside the van where she boarded after the trial. Only her psychiatrist, Dr. June Lopez and her brother were present.

"Nicole" said the marathon hearings being conducted in the Makati Regional Trial Court was hard for her.

"Torture talaga. Kinaya ko ang mga testimonies even if there was a point where I didn't want to attend the hearings anymore," "Nicole" said.

It is harder for her, she said, to see the four American servicemen whom she accused of rape in the courtroom.

"There's a time when I would look at the defense panel and I could not avoid glancing at them. And they'd glance at me too. I would see them smiling as if there's something. Iritang irita talaga ako. Gusto ko silang saktan," "Nicole" said.

"Nicole" has been trying to avoid the glare of cameras since the trial started. At every hearing, she would be seen wearing a hat, a jacket and a pair of sunglasses. She would be surrounded by decoys who dressed similarly. At other times, "Nicole" and her supporters would exit the Old Makati City Hall where the hearing room is located, via the fire exit.

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