Friday, March 24, 2006

DOJ: 4 U.S. Servicemen In Subic Rape To be Charged

Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez said his department will charge all four American servicemen charged with raping a 21-year old Filipina in Olongapo.

Apparently irked by criticisms brought about by his alleged pronouncements that charges against three of the four U.S. Marines will be dropped, Gonzalez said he will not acquit any of the four.

"I will not acquit. So I can satisfy the mob lusting for blood," Gonzalez said angrily.

He said US Marine Corporal Daniel Smith will definitely be charged as a principal suspect in the rape of the Filipina but charges against the other three soldiers will vary.

He also hit back at the mother of the victim saying emotions do not decide the case. "I will decide based on the facts of the case, whether she's the mother or the grandmother, I don't care," Gonzalez said.

The Department is studying petitions for review filed by Marine Corporal Keith Silkwood, Dominic Duplantis, and Chad Carpentier.

He showed this reporter a copy of the resolution but declined to divulge any of its contents except to say that at least one among Silkwood, Duplantis, and Carpienter will be charged as an accomplice which carries a penalty of 25 years in jail.

Gonzalez said he would release the resolution on March 27th.

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