Wednesday, September 28, 2005

No Stopping Now, Take-Over Draft Ready

Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez Jr. disclosed today that the legal research conducted to find basis for a government takeover of public utilities has ended and that a five-page document has already been prepared.

Gonzalez refused to divulge the contents of the document to justice reporters but assured that the document was not a pre-cursor to a declaration of Martial Law as was the fear of some sectors.

"It's ready. I can just pull it out the moment the President needs it. Martial Law was not contemplated there. We're not even thinking of emergency powers," Gonzalez said.

Cebu Cong. Tony Cuenco earlier told Gonzalez to stop what he called a "Machiavellian research."

"Who is he to tell me what to do? You are just creating your own Frankenstein monster. They're the ones scaring the wits out of people" Gonzalez refuted.

Gonzalez reiterated that the document just outlined the legal basis for a take-over in case a crisis breaks out.

The take-over, he said, is justified by Article 12, sec. 17 of the Constitution.

MalacaƱang meanwhile said, that it knows of Gonzalez' research and found nothing objectionable.

Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said it was perfectly normal for any department secretary to conduct pro-active studies.

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